Samantha J

Business Empress. Award-winning Entrepreneur. Author. 

Around the same time Samantha J was diagnosed with bipolar and borderline personality disorder, she was awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year for transforming a residential estate from a $500,000 venture to a $10 million dollar company. The more she achieved, the more she realised she was trading her happiness for the hollow hallmarks of “success”. A world trip to escape her norm, led her to training with Dr Alberto Villoldo, a psychologist and medical anthropologist, and years of teachings on the neuroscience of enlightenment and emotional mastery - ultimately, setting Samantha J on a new career trajectory. She now helps purpose-led entrepreneurs merge profit with purpose to grow empires that shape a better world. Over 1,500 entrepreneurs from diverse industries have applied her unique teachings that merge spirituality, business strategy and authentic self-expression, to scale their businesses and make their meaningful impact. 

Services Enlisted

Brand Identity, Strategy + Vision

Website Copywriting

Website Design

Photography Management 

Videography Management

Samantha J has immersed herself in personal development; constantly learning, integrating and evolving. This meant, she quickly outgrew all her past branding directions; the chopping and changing created confusion with her audience. When co-creating with us, the intention was important - to create a strong brand foundation that could stand the test of time; one that only needs tweaking as she evolves, rather than a complete re-brand. Individualisation and customisation was also important as she plays in a space where personal branding is paramount to building a community. Re-branding from Willow Jayne (previous alibi name) to her real name Samantha was our first move. Then, the unravelling of the gold, white and ethereal empress branding that represents her soul essence. Magical, just like her. 

Photography and Video by The Latest, QLD

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