Martene Wallace

Co-Founder The Societé, Travel Nomad, Speaker 

Studying a Masters whilst working 60-hour weeks and raising three children under five was taking its toll. Two defining moments changed the trajectory of Martene’s mission. One, working as a Nurse in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and meeting a fit, healthy and strong guy in his 30s with a brainstem infarct (bleed), fearing that one day it would be her if she continued living the way she was. Two, receiving a picture of her son blowing out his candle at his first birthday party, the one she wasn’t at because she had to work a long shift in the ward. Martene took a leap out of nursing, transformed her skepticism of networking marketing, and built a thriving 7+ figure global business in a few short years. This led to co-founding The Societè (an online community that helps women create booming online businesses), and documenting her travels on Free to Explore with her husband and three kids (from a trek around Australia in a caravan to visiting 19 countries and counting).  

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Brand Identity, Strategy + Vision

Website Design

She describes herself as bold, blonde and a little bit bogan, and says that people either adore her or run for cover. It’s the latter for us - we’re big fans of this dynamos carefree spirit and heart of gold. Martene is impact driven and full of life - her branding needed a fun flair with a meaningful resonance. We balanced the personability of her brand with fun photographs in collage style and cursive print, with the professionalism through structure and bold copy. What was a very inconsistent public profile, now has a very cohesive message, look and feel. Martene’s latest venture included speaking at an event in America to an audience of 75,000. Just another day in the life of this adventurous nomad.

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