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Kay Nuttall

When she hit rock bottom, Kay joked it was a midlife crisis or early Menopause. She soon realised it was as simple as needing to put her own needs first; with good ol’ fashioned self-love, self-care…. and a new career direction. Having worked in a variety of nursing fields, including Emergency and Paediatrics, Kay merged 27 years of clinical experience as a Division 1 Registered Nurse with her love for seeing people shine, and founded Kay + Co - a leading skin, body and anti-ageing clinic. She and her team of nurses and dermal therapists, use evidence-based medical-grade treatments and the latest anti-ageing technology to enhance one’s health and appearance, on the inside and out. Kay’s industry recognised approach draws a range of clients to her clinic, including those that are not only looking for an external shift, but a confidence re-alignment - like women with Bells Palsy who want to get their smile back. 

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Brand Identity, Strategy + Vision

With the intention of creating a cohesive brand look and feel to strengthen her market positioning, it was important to Kay to ensure her decades of experience in the industry and level of recognised expertise was represented in her new branding. Especially as she embarks on plans to grow the clinic into a series of sanctuaries and retreats. The brand transformation was huge - everything was elevated, including the clinic interior decor and team uniforms, and opening of an e-commerce store, which now aligns the customer experience from online to offline. 

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