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Jacinta Murray

Life Force Enhancer

"Our issue was we knew what we did, how we did it and had the confidence to provide it. Yet our difficulty lay in expressing who we are and what we offer, in a clear concise manner to others - and presenting that to the world in a way that is authentic to who we are.

Through the services Colette and her team provided we now are sharing what we do in a powerful way. 

Colette Werden is a leading light in her field. 

She brought cohesion and polish to our brand, giving us the confidence to share what we do with a larger audience. She is an exceptional intuitive with an incredible eye for detail and most importantly has an amazing sense of humour, making her super easy to worth with. 

She never tried to change us, Colette helped us to embrace our unique brand and energy in a non-judgemental loving way. 

The quality of work Colette and her team produced for us is world class. 

They worked tirelessly until everything was perfected to their high level of excellence - this team does not settle for ‘good’, they always go for ‘great’".

Alex Tullio

CEO - Chief Evolution Officer

"When I knew I was ready to embark on my next chapter, leaving the world of corporate behind and starting my own business, I knew there was no-one else I would rather have on my team.

Working with Colette and her team has been brilliant. Not only do you feel like you are in the hands of absolute professionals, you also feel like you are one of the family. Every step of the way, I have felt that Colette and her team have been totally invested in my success.

The quality of the service and the work produced for me is incredible. 

My whole brand is so authentic to me, and totally different from the norm. If you want something predictable and safe, these guys are not for you. If you want something that is unique, unexpected and world class – then you definitely want this team of superstars on your side! 

This whole experience has been life changing - I feel like who I was always meant to be - and as a result, I have the confidence to build a world class business from scratch. 

This is just the beginning and I can’t wait for what’s to come".

Feyona Lau


"Colette Werden was the natural choice for me when deciding who to trust my personal brand with. It was self-evident that she had solid experience within the industry and focused on quality and professionalism. 

However, what sealed it for me was the depth of her approach and insightful questioning - which enabled me to consider and explore possibilities that I had not thought were possible.

Each stage of the process was enlightening and thorough and I have to say a lot of fun too! I felt Colette and her team nailed the essence of my personal brand and were able to craft a brand identity that was consistent across all situations and platforms of my business.

Now, my brand is authentic – it is an accurate reflection of who I am and what I have to offer. I feel more confident owning the evidence based, creative and more intuitive aspects of my work rather than feeling I have to keep some aspects in the closet!!

Overall, the words that come to mind when thinking about working with Colette Werden and her team are inspiring, motivating, challenging, worthwhile and fun. 

I can honestly say it has been a life changing experience!".

Peta Stewart

Property Conveyancing Mentor

"Colette’s approach to personal branding was not just about the clothes, the fonts or the colours. After one conversation, I knew Colette just ‘got me’ and understood I needed to ensure the physical image of myself and my brand was congruent with the quality of my work.

Colette and her team feel like they are on the entrepreneurial journey with me. I always felt like my business and reputation was respected by everyone on the team and whenever I met with them, I always had their undivided attention and care. I particularly love the energy the team display and their true passion for their roles.

I now truly feel that my brand image is congruent with the quality of my work and my personality. I also am so happy with the way my brand has been humanised which has already seen growth in my business within months".

Mini Latif

Founder & CEO, Ottoman3

"Expressing myself one on one is fairly easy for me, but delivering that to a wider audience has always been a challenge. After working with Colette and her team, l now know how to express that to the masses. 

There is genuine care in the work delivered - nothing short of professional. The team knows their strengths and plays to them very well. They follow through and follow through thoroughly, which is how you deliver and deliver with a bang.

This is quite different to working with most agencies, where feelings are not considered. The attention to detail is impressive and passion bleeds through each stage of the process. 

If had to put it in a sentence, the whole experience was a kick up the arse in the most positive way. It was ultimately the most 'stylish therapy' money can get you!". 

Cath Tonkin

Creative Interior Director

"After moving on from a business partnership, I needed to rebrand and engage a new audience; I was feeling stuck and unappreciative of my abilities. 

I also knew I needed a new set of eyes on where this should go and how the branding should look to truly reflect me and my passion of interiors. 

At our initial meeting, there was no doubt of Colette’s genuine interest in me and that she and her team were a perfect fit. I felt super confident about Colette guiding me through each stage.

Colette is an extraordinary woman.  She is gifted with an innate sense of how to translate my ambitions and desires.

As the re-brand has developed, my concept of moving into another level of consulting within the industry is clearer. 

This renewed belief in myself is influencing my actions and creating new opportunities".

Natalie Dale

Founder & CEO, Blade Active

"I went to Colette wanting to breathe life into my baby; to create an identity and brand that was authentic to my vision and dream.

Colette was the right choice. She and her team captured the feel, identity and personality of my brand and outlined it powerfully in my branding.

By far, dealing with Colette and her team has been the best experience I have had on this journey.  100% professionalism and 110% focus. 

I am equipped to know I can put myself out there and be true to my goals and vision.

I no longer hide, I refuse to walk in the shadows and feel bold and confident enough to shine and be brave".  

Belle Chadwick

Director, Chadwick Designs

"One phone conversation with Colette confirmed she was able to provide exactly what I needed and so much more - and boy did she deliver!      

Colette and her team completely changed my personal and professional brand direction for the better. The professionalism, knowledge, support and delivery of their services was faultless. 

Colette seamlessly linked my sense of self, my business, personal direction, quirks and personality together.

Every step of the way I was blown away with how invested she and the team were in me and my development, growth, confidence and on-going success.

They changed the way I view myself and the link between my business and self has never had such clarity and purpose. I am so much more defined and clear on who I am.

No longer am I saying no to meetings, or not taking opportunities where previously I would have worried about what people perceived of me. 

I am my brand and a united front ready for anything".

Magda Kosior-Molloy


"I have been working with Colette for four years. 

Working with her on a regular basis is part of my professional development. She is a trusted advisor that I can always count on. 

Lack of a strong personal brand was one of my problems when I met Colette for the first time. 

I was progressing in life but I wasn’t happy with how I presented myself at a professional and personal level. 

Colette helped me crystallise the vision of myself as a confident, successful, driven and fun loving woman, who no longer is afraid to celebrate her success and put herself forward for new opportunities.

The quality of the service provided is extremely high, consistently. The value for money is sensational. My expectations are always exceeded and I am always extremely happy with the outcome. 

The trust I have in Colette and her team unwavering, that’s why I let them take me out of my comfort zone to rise to the next level, each time we work together. 

After each session, I get the feeling of being on the top of the world with an “I can do anything” confidence. 

That’s why I keep coming back".

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