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The 11 Truths You Need To Read When Your Self-Confidence Needs A Boost.

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Colette Werden is the Founder & CEO of Australia's only one-stop Personal Branding Agency for entrepreneurs, an Authentic Personal Branding Expert and Keynote Speaker.

With the combined skill set of marketing, branding, TV Presenting and image development, spanning over 15 years, Colette's ability to help entrepreneurs increase their believability, presence and influence in their industry is unparalleled.

Her agency is a Personal Branding hub that helps introverted visionaries package and present their talent and services -online and offline - so they can make their difference in the world.

Armed with the unrelenting belief that our individuality is our power, she and her team of experts are on a mission to change the world, by empowering those that are.  The agency's ultimate vision is to develop, manage and represent the world's newest influential leaders.

DOWNLOAD: The 11 Truths You Need to Read When Your Self-Confidence Needs a Boost.

The destructive thoughts will come. They always do. No matter how disciplined, committed and positive you are, there will be moments out of nowhere that these thoughts will hit and threaten to throw your back up against the wall.

They will try to weaken you. To diffuse your happy streak, crush your self-confidence and coax you into believing that you do not have what it takes.

This is normal. You will not live a life without destructive thoughts. But you can live a life leveraging off those thoughts. Using them as ammunition to keep going, to do better, to be greater.

Showing them that no matter how many times they come back, you will never give them life. The destructive thoughts are weak without your belief in them. They do not own you or define you. You have all the power. And I hope my writing in this Ebook will remind you of that.

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